Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Do Not Reply

Have you ever wanted something, someone you knew wasn't good for you? Like, you had no misconception of the person or thing changing for you - because of you - and yet, you still wanted it. How can someone want something so toxic in their lives? Why would someone want something so toxic in their lives? Is it a matter of thinking, "This is what I deserve."? Does it stem back to being a child and wanting something solely because someone else had it? Do you love the drama? Do you want someone else to lose or miss out while you keep the toxin in your life? Are you punishing yourself? Or do you simply not understand your own worth? Settling isn't happiness. Holding onto a brief moment from five... ten years ago isn't happiness.

If one is to believe that you create your own happiness then one must believe that you create your own misery as well. I read an article the other day that basically stated we stay in-contact with the past because of expectations. I text you, you respond. When emotions are involved the nature of that response does't matter. A simple hello turns into I miss you, leave me alone turns into I need to talk, and silence turns into anger or maybe you don't know what to say. All of these responses keep someone connected to you. The best thing a person can do for someone from their past is disappear, completely. If you can't or aren't willing to give the person what they think they need, disappear. Don't leave traces of yourself in their life. Don't respond ever. No emojis, no hellos, no goodbyes... just disappear. Actions are far greater than words.

While I want to believe in this article... it rang true to me on many levels I'd rather not divulge into. I also believe it only rings true for one side in every story. If both sides felt this, the situation would be a lot different. Some people are monsters and love to feed on the emotions of others but not all. I can't believe that everyone is aware of this and yet they keep responding.

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